Gratitude Post #2 – Thank You February

Gratitude Post #2 - Thank You February

At the start of the year I decided I would write a monthly series of gratitude posts, the first one being ‘Thank You January’. These posts will serve as a reminder of all the fun things I have done during the month, and they may even cheer me up if I feel down or stressed. This month it […]

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Stress Reliever – Music

Anybody want to hazard a guess as to why my blog is called Stressy Mama? Danielle (the sister), you are not allowed to answer because I am sure I wouldn’t appreciate your response! I can almost hear your sarcasm as I type this! My blog is called ‘Stressy Mama’ because I may have a slight […]

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Gratitude Post #1 – Thank you January

Gratitude Post #1 - Thank you January

I had quite a few ups and downs in 2016 and the year ended with me having surgical treatment for endometriosis. Not wanting to dwell on the previous year, I was determined to have a positive start to 2017 but things weren’t quite going to plan… It seemed like one thing after another as soon as […]

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Who Needs Sleep Anyway?

Ever since she was born, Molly has been a terrible sleeper. But who needs sleep anyway? She was born by emergency caesarean section so I had to spend a couple of days in the hospital afterwards. I remember being on the postnatal ward with three other woman; their babies were sleeping soundly. Not mine though. […]

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Scaredy Cat

Hi. I’m Sam. And I’m a big scaredy cat… There I said it. It is ants mostly, but any sort of creepy crawlies freak me out; spiders, earwigs, beetles… if it is tiny and it crawls, I’m likely scared of it. Not many people like little bugs so I know its not unusual, but the ant […]

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