Bonfire Night Craft Ideas

We are well and truly on fast forward mode this year. We have just celebrated Halloween, now it is Bonfire Night and Christmas is just around the corner. It only feels like two minutes since last Christmas (“I gave you my heart, and the very next day…” you see what I did there… comic genius me… hahaha!!)

Anyway, swiftly moving on..

I am a massive a massive fan of messy play craft sessions with Molly, and my niece Jessica. They have fun but I think I enjoy it more to be honest. I’m so excited to get started on some Christmas crafts but before that… Bonfire Night…

Cue the two year old, the three year old, my sister, me, and a load of crafty bits and bobs… I can’t let an event go by without doing some sort of crafting in honour of it now can I…

We decided to attempt to make a Bonfire picture, and a fireworks picture.

We had to make the Bonfire picture using handprints because:

  • I really like doing handprints with the kids (it is messy play after all)
  • But mostly because whether I like it or not, the kids paint their hands anyway so we might as well

We painted the kids hands brown for the wood, and orange for the flames.

For the fireworks picture we cut slices into toilet roll tubes and dipped them into paint…

Then let the kids dab it onto the page..

We had also planned to:

  • Use forks and pipe cleaners to do more firework effects
  • Make a Guy Fawkes to put on the fire
  • Get the glitter out to make it all look amazing


By the time we got to that point the kids decided they’d had enough..

So that was that…

These were what we ended up with…

Spectacular. Stunning. Budding artists these two…

I did contemplate finishing the pictures off when the kids were at nursery but thought I not. They are their pictures after all… I really wanted to though. Maybe I’ll make my own!

Working with toddlers is hard!

Maybe next year we’ll try the other ideas!

Thanks for reading, Sam x

Two Tiny Hands

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  1. Super cute. The group I went to this week had the toilet roll thing – ours ended up as a big red splodge! (I also wanted to fix it!)


    1. It takes everything I have to not take over and ‘do it right’ sometimes. Not that I could do any better anyway haha 😆

  2. ha ha ha, I’ve seen this floating around Pinterest, it’s such a good idea. I am so like you though when it comes to wanting to take over and play with it myself. I’m a crafter and arty person though so like things just right and how I imagine them. Not with kids though they just go gung ho with it and make a mess but thats the point isn’t messy play not create the mona lisa! Definately join in and make your own next time! Thank you ever so much for linking up to #MessandPlay

    1. I am planning on making Xmas cards this year so I wonder if I’ll want to finish them off too or if I’ll send them out however they end up ha. Well see I guess.😆