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Back To School Season: Preparation & Advice For Parents

As a child, the term “back to school” was rarely welcomed by most of us. Uniforms appearing in stores and new supplies being bought signalled the end of the summer break, often when it only felt like it had just begun. 

However, while back to school season is rarely welcomed by children, as a parent, it’s even tougher still. There’s a huge amount of prep that needs to be done, and you’ll naturally want to ensure your child can hit the ground running when school gets under way – while at the same time preserving as much of the feeling of summer freedom and fun for as long as you possibly can. Below, we’ve provided a few tips that can help to strike the perfect balance and ensure your child enjoys their holiday while still looking being able to look ahead and plan for the new term… 

#1 – Start early 

The sooner you start your back to school prep, the better the experience can be. For one thing, being able to spread new purchases over a number of weeks is a sound financial choice. Secondly, spreading the process and required tasks over the entire summer holidays helps to prevent that sudden, jarring switch from “having fun and enjoying summer” to “get ready to go back to school”. Instead, the two phases are instead blended together, so the summer fun feels like it goes on for longer rather than ending abruptly in the middle of August. 

#2 – Stabilise your child’s sleep routine

Over the course of the summer holidays, it’s natural that your child’s usual sleep schedule will be disrupted somewhat. It’s usually best to try and preserve the same routine throughout the summer, but if this hasn’t been possible – it is summer after all, so a little leeway is natural! – then try to get your child back to their usual schedule before the new term commences. 

#3 – Add a little education every day (or thereabouts) 

For kids, the switch from “summer mode” to “educational mode” can feel rather abrupt. To overcome this, it’s worth looking for online resources and tests such as those found on Cazoom Maths and similar resources for other subjects, and then ask your child to go through them once per day. These educational sessions don’t need to be long or arduous; just a short period of study or testing early in the day can really help make your child’s adjustment back to education far more manageable.

#4 – Look ahead 

As the start of the new school year approaches, you can offset the end of summer blues by looking ahead to the next few months. By arranging a few exciting weekend day trips or fun activities, you can show these plans to your child to ensure that can see that, sure, school might be about to get back underway, but they still have plenty to look forward in the next few weeks! 

In conclusion

The tips above can help to ensure that the back to school season is as easy to manage as possible, while still giving you and your child the opportunity to make the most of the summer break while it lasts.

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