All About You

This past weekend was mine and Chris’ 7th anniversary, and it will also be his birthday in a couple of days. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to put pen to paper and jot down a few soppy words, like I did for my sister last year. So here you are Chris, out of all my posts you’ve had to read since I started blogging, this one is well and truly All About You – Happy Anniversary / Happy Birthday. Can this be my gift? Since the day I met you my life has changed completely. I have gone from a care free twenty-something single girl living the life, to a thirty-something Stressy stay at home Mama. You have taught me to really appreciate the small things in life. I will forever be thankful to you for opening my eyes.  Once upon a time I thought big grand gifts and gestures were what life was about. How wrong was I? The best things in life are the small and free things. We have made so many memories already and I really cannot wait to tell Molly all about them when she is older, and to continue making many more memories over the years to come. My life couldn’t be any more perfect, and that is thanks to you. So, in honour of your 34th birthday I have written a list of the 34 things I love about you as a person. These range from the big things, to the very greatly appreciated small things. It is All About You Because: First and most importantly you are a fantastic dad to Molly. I really couldn’t wish for a better father for her than you. You treat my niece Jessica as if she was your own daughter. You love her completely and would move heaven and earth for her, as you would Molly. You work hard every day to provide for our family. You 100% support me through my ever changing hobbies. You never complain when I drag you from craft show to craft show. You supported me through my health problems even when you thought it meant we wouldn’t have children. Having children was always your dream so when the doctor said we wouldn’t have any I told you to leave. You didn’t. Because you loved me. You always know when I’m in need of a big bar of Dairy Milk, a bag of Sports Mixture sweets and a bottle of Diet Pepsi. You make the BEST CHICKEN DINNER EVER!!!!!!!! Especially the roast potatoes. When you aren’t in work, you play with Molly from the minute you wake up until the minute she goes to bed. Mummy doesn’t get a look in because she is well and truly a daddy’s girl. You have the patience of a saint, especially when it comes to dealing with mine and Molly’s mood swings. You are always the first to volunteer to go on the rides at the funfair with Molly.  You know I have vertigo and the motion of the rides makes me feel sick. But also, because you’re a big kid at heart and cannot wait to get on them yourself. You were more than 100% supportive of my mum moving in with us because of her health issues. You often suggest she move back in because you worry about her living alone. If for some reason I can’t get up to see her and do her shopping for her, you never hesitate to go and visit and do her shopping for her. You understand how important blogging is to me. You are supportive and are happy to give me the time to get on with it at the weekeds and in the evenings. You always let me pick the movies.  I’ll always pick a chick flick and you never complain. Though I am sure you would prefer to watch some sort of kung-fu crap! (Also, you aren’t really allowed to pick the movie any more after that time you dragged me to the cinema to watch Scary Movie 59 or whatever bloody number they are up to. Never again will you pick the movie!) You have turned into quite a good cook. You have always had to be the chef in our house because I basically struggle to boil water. You should think about doing it as a career. You are the best partner I could ever have wished for. I didn’t know I was looking for you when I found you but thank God I did. I honestly do not know where I would be without you. You always trust and agree with what I am doing even though I usually haven’t thought things through. Like the time I told you, after only 6 months together, that you were moving out of your mum’s house and in with me. Why?  Because I had signed on the dotted line for our very first flat together. I liked the flat so much I said we would take it without ever asking how much the rent was on it. It was brand new and sparkly and I wanted it. You wanted it because I did, and you trusted I had made the right decision. You would do anything for me. You would do anything for Molly. You have a heart of gold and always put other people before yourself. You know I would love to move to the Isle and Man one day and you would move there in a heartbeat, without hesitation, if I asked you to. The times we spend together as a family are my all-time favourite times. You never moan about being tired; you just get on with it. You are more than willing to do your share of the housework etc, even though you’ve been at work all day. I know a lot of people come home and like to relax after work because they are tired and have had a long day, but you appreciate how hard my day may have been and help out regardless. You’re an all-round good egg. You are always the first to apologise, even when you haven’t done anything wrong. You love a good weekend away, especially if it involves a spa, just as much as I do. You get on well with my family. You love taking me out and the times we get to spend together as a couple – though we don’t get to do it as much as we would like (cue the subtle hint drop to the mother and sister…) I love all the trips and holidays we have taken together. I cannot wait to explore the parts of the world we are yet to see, with you by my side. You are more than willing to come and watch a musical at the theatre with me or be dragged along to a concert of a band you don’t like. I love it when you go to the ice cream van to get me a 99 ice cream cone but come back with a double cone with 2 flakes in it! You know how to have fun and let your hair down – one of my favourite memories being when you got up on stage on holiday in Tunisia, and attempted to do some belly dancing. Remember to be nice to me because I have video evidence of that night! You got all traditional and asked my dad if you could marry me – though I’m still waiting for the big day! In fact, it’s been that long I think my engagement ring has expired. You will have to buy a new one and re-propose! Molly enjoys using sign language just like Mr Tumble;  you decided to learn some signs for yourself so you could teach Molly. So there it is, a post that is All About You.  A list of some of some of the things I love about you, and some of the small things you make me appreciate. I could have kept writing to be honest… I love you to the moon and back. Happy Birthday / Anniversary. Sam x *UPDATE* You can also find me blogging at Serenely Sam