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Advice On Getting Children To Read From An Early Age

Getting children to read from an early age is of paramount importance. This ensures a child’s imagination is stimulated while also expanding their understanding of the world. It also helps them to develop their listening (when reading aloud or having someone read to them) and language skills, and it prepares them to understand the written word. So, the sooner you introduce your child to the world of books, the better. And, there is certainly no better introduction than wooden books. Read on to discover more about these preschool reading books and the different options that are available. 

What are wooden books?

Wooden literacy books offer a great introduction to the world of reading. They enable children from the age of nine months and above to get familiar with learning and reading. These books containing preschool stories offer a gentle introduction into the skills that are required for reading, as they feature brightly coloured pictures and animations, and some of these books are even interactive. 

The benefits of wooden books for children

There are many benefits associated with wooden books for children. The main benefit is the fact that it enables children to get to grips with the skills needed to read from a very early age. While they will not be reading written words, they will learn the crucial skill of turning a page. After all, if you were to hand a nine-month-old a paper book, it is likely that it would only get ripped up and destroyed. Luckily, this is something you do not need to worry about with a wooden book. Once your child gets older, you can move onto a paper book, and you can even get personalised stories, such as a personalised childrens Christmas book, which is bound to keep their interest.

The bright colours used in books and the interactive features spark a child’s imagination. Picture books nurture a literary vocabulary and help children to understand the world. There are many different themes included for various ages and interests. They engage children and allow their imagination to develop. Unlike traditional books, it is up to them to deduce what the picture means and create their own story, and so such wooden books really boost their educational development and their rational and creative thinking. You can combine these with letters & sounds and puppets for effective literacy earning from a young age.

Different types of books for all ages

There are different types of wooden books available for all ages. This includes brightly coloured wooden books, featuring bold pictures, which tell a story. These books are suitable for those aged around 9/10 months and older. For slightly older children, interactive wooden books are a great option, featuring magnetic wooden cutouts, which the child can move around so that they can create their very own story. 

Teaching your child to read through the use of wooden books is definitely recommended. This is a great introduction to the world of reading, enabling your children to develop the skills they will need when comprehending the written word. They will react to the different brightly coloured images while also learning the crucial skill of turning a page.

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