Top 5 Home Accessories to Accompany Your Rooms Furniture
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Top 5 Accessories to Accompany Your Rooms Furniture

* Disclaimer – Top 5 Accessories to Accompany Your Rooms Furniture was written in collaboration with Rattan Direct *


Have you ever found that perfect piece of furniture that you love, but just can’t seem to fit into the design of your room? Home accessories that accompany the furniture in your home can help to tie together different pieces of furniture that may initially seem like they are never going to work.

From conservatory furniture accessories that really make a room feel comfortable, to living room accessories that turn the much-used room into the heart of the home, with a few well-placed accessories, you can breathe a breath of fresh air into your rooms. However, with any home-décor project, there is a fine line between making a room come alive, and over-cluttering the space.

To help you find the perfect furniture accessories for your home, we have put together our top 5 accessory ideas that will help you to minimise clutter and tie in those mix-matched pieces that you simply can’t bear to part with.


Lamps – Bright Rooms Create Welcoming Homes

Light plays a massive part in creating atmosphere in rooms, with dynamic lighting really helping your furniture stand out and be noticed. For cosy rooms with soft comfortable furnishings, a softer light will help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, while more modern furniture can benefit from brighter spotlight lamps. From lampshades, to free-standing lamps, and even table top lamps, there are a lot of options to choose from to customise the style of lighting to your hard and soft furnishings.


Cushions – Make Your Sofa the Centrepiece of Your Room

Cushions are the icing and cherry on top of the cake, able to bring life into old sofas, tie in contrasting room colours, and add a touch of extra comfort into a room. Whether you opt for large cosy cushions to make modern sofas more comfortable, choose multi-coloured pillows to brighten up your bedroom, or make your dining room chairs a little less solid-feeling and a little more inviting, the possibilities are endless. From crazy designs, to standard block colours, they are a great way to bring a little vibrancy to a room, or even tone down bright walls with neutral fabrics.


Rugs – Add a Little Comfort Back into Your Home

Solid wood floors are all the rage, but often lack comfort in the rooms you just want to relax in. Rugs make a great contrast to wooden floors, and help wooden furniture to tie in a little more with a rooms design, by bringing colour into even the most neutral of environments. Combining the colour of your rug to match the style of your furniture will create a room with a style that flows, without having to paint walls, or change your furniture to fit in with new additions. A large rug will also protect the carpet underneath it from getting worn out quickly, so when you decide on a change, lifting the rug will reveal a pristine carpet.


Mirrors – Make Your Rooms Feel Larger and Your Furniture Stand Out

It’s no secret that mirrors are not just designed to look good, but also make small spaces feel a lot bigger. While the practical use of mirrors is important, they can also be used to accentuate your existing furniture. If your soft furnishings are a vibrant colour, then you can make them really stand out by choosing lighter frames for your mirrors, with the reflected colour adding extra vibrancy. Having mirrors on opposite ends of the room can extend small spaces even further.


Vases – Add Some Extra Colour to Your Room

Flowers are a stunning way to bring colour to a room, with the perfectly coloured bouquet bringing life and nature into a room in a way that can be changed as often as you like. Though while the choice of flowers is important, so is the vase you use, a fantastic accessory for every room, and almost every piece of furniture. Whether it is a centre piece to your dining room table, or a beautiful feature for your conservatory, investing in the ideal vase is a great way to accessorise your furniture.

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    • stressymama

      Ha Ha. I love a good cushion so obviously, the other half hates them. Especially if I pile them on the bed!

  • five little doves

    Great tips! I always put a big mirror on our walls to make the space seem more roomy and reflect light, and we have cushions everywhere! We sometimes have to move them to the floor just to get on the couch, haha!

    • stressymama

      I want a big mirror for the living room – I think we’ll go and have a look for one this weekend actually..

  • Becky, Cuddle Fairy

    Well I was nodding along with all of these things, they all really do make a difference to the feeling of a room. I think having soft things like a rug and throw pillows really softens the room 🙂

    • stressymama

      I think a few good accessories really do make a house feel comfier and like a home x

  • Michelle Twin Mum

    I think a house really becomes a home when you start to dress the room with all the little touches. I particulalry love lamps can they can end up costing a fortune. Mich x

  • Emma

    Oooh yes, you have made want to go out shopping for lovely house bits now….We have laminate floors so I think a rug is a must to make a room feel more welcoming.

    • stressymama

      I know what you mean, I really want to go shopping now too. Any excuse for me haha x

  • natalie

    I love mirrors in the home, makes a room look so much brighter and bigger. I also loves cushions, in fact maybe a little too much!!

    • stressymama

      I love cushions too. I think they are the perfect accessory for comfort. There really are some amazing cushions out there at the minute x

  • Emma

    We need some new lamps and rugs for our living room. Now the boys are getting older we can start having little luxuries in the house again.

    • stressymama

      Oooh I do look forward to the day when we can have nice things in the house again haha x

  • Kira

    Some great tips – definately need a lamp for coseyness, I have a salt lamp in every room and it makes evenings super cosey 🙂