A letter to my little Molly Moo Moo
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A letter to my little Molly Moo Moo

As Molly has just turned three I wanted to write a post about the type of person she is, what she enjoys etc. What I came up with was the idea of writing her a letter. I actually plan to hand write this post too and put it in an envelope and into her memory box for her to read when she is older.  So here is A letter to my little Molly Moo Moo


Dear Molly,

My little Molly Molly Moo Moo. We have just celebrated your third birthday. Where has the time gone? I really cannot believe you are now three years old. You are most definitely not a baby anymore, but my little girl. My little girl! How have I got a little girl? You will be getting ready to start school this time next year. I really do not think I am ready for that. I am nervous at the thought of you having to move to the bigger room at nursery this coming September, never mind starting school. You won’t bother about the change though. You are so independent, head strong, adventurous, and have become so much more confident in yourself recently. I know you will thrive in your new classroom with your new classmates.

At the tender age of three, I already see the beautiful little girl you are becoming. Your speech is coming on leaps and bounds. You are not as clumsy on your feet anymore, in fact, nursery tells me you are excelling with your physical development. I doubt we will be going back to the physio with your feet any more. You are mixing better with other children and learning how to share your toys. Though we do still have several tantrums if somebody has something you want. Especially if that person is your cousin Jessica!

Your favourite food at the minute is Coco Pops. We cannot seem to get you to eat anything else. I feel like a terrible mother sometimes when you are having Coco Pops for tea but at least you are eating something. I’d rather you ate sugary cereal than nothing at all.

I am completely in love with your character; you definitely have your own style. I have no doubt that you will never conform to what society says you should be doing. I love that! I’ve always liked to be a little bit different, never wanting to have the same shoes / coat / toys etc as my friends growing up. I wanted things nobody else had, and I can see that in you already.

You walk around with your tiara, fairy wings and play high heeled shoes on whilst carrying your handbag acting like a little princess. But in your hand bag you have some cars and tools. You will also have a drum hanging around your neck and your hard hat won’t be far from wherever you are. You love playing with your dolls and kitchen. But you also love playing with your Lego and trains.

Your favourite doll is your Anna (Frozen) doll. You are not too keen on Elsa. You could sit and play with your blocks and dolls house for hours. Your imagination is fantastic. I adore that about you. You’re always talking away to yourself, your imaginary friend, or somebody I cannot see…

You love coins and purses. You are always asking for pennies from mummy and daddy to put in one of your many purses.

Your favourite game is hide and seek. We play it all day every day! It can get a little bit tedious for mummy and daddy but the sheer joy on your face more than makes up for it. I would quite happily play it with you forever.

You love music, like me. Your favourite songs at the minute are ‘Finger Family’ and ‘The Wheels on the Bus’. You often sing parts of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ with your daddy, which is adorable! You love dancing with me in the kitchen to whatever comes on the radio. We often have sing alongs while we play your musical instruments.

You love all things craft related, especially painting and making hand and footprint pictures. You are a real bookworm, taking after your granny. Your book cupboard is way too small and I think we will have to buy you a bookshelf to store all of your books.

Your favourite TV programmes at the minute are Woolly and Tig, Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, Fireman Sam, Justin’s House and Something Special.

You have a fantastic memory, which you get from your daddy. You remember all the small details. And you really appreciate the small things, much like daddy too.

You love football. Your favourite outfit is your Oldham Athletic kit. You like Owls because the Oldham mascot is an Owl. Though you did cry the first time you saw him. You enjoy going to the football, and you actually have really good control of a football when kicking it.

You are terrified of dogs and all of Jessica’s teddy bears, especially Paul the Panda. Though you love cats and all of your teddy bears!

Your relationship with your daddy makes my heart melt. He is your idol. You proclaim your adoration of him to anyone who will listen on any chance you get. You love to inform people that he is your daddy. When daddy is off work at the weekends I don’t get a look in. You really are a daddy’s girl; unless you are tired or have fallen over and then I am the only one that will do. Daddy does play time better, mummy gives the best cuddles. I am happy with that!

You are one of the happiest people I have ever known. But at the same time, you also have the worst temper of anyone I have ever known. You really do know how to have a good tantrum.

My little Molly Moo Moo you really are one of a kind. I love you to the moon and back. I can’t wait to see what I will be writing about you this time next year.

All my love for now and always,

Mama (you refuse to call me mummy!)



So there we have it; a letter to my little Molly Moo Moo for her third birthday.  I still cannot believe I have a three year old!

Sam x


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  • Dean of Little Steps

    She’s so cute! Time does fly doesn’t it? My daughter turns seven next month and I sometimes still wonder, how on earth did that happen? Such sweet photos. x

  • Talya

    Ahhh I love these letters commemorating everything that they are. Happy three years little Molly Moo Moo!

  • Siobhan

    Lovely letter! My daughter is also a big Coco Pops fan lol, and totally feeling your pain about moving up to the next nursery room, I’m dreading it! #TriumphantTales

  • Charlotte

    awww what a lovely letter! it’s great to appreciate these moments and then you can both look back on them together!

  • Nazrin

    This is so adorable its actually melting my heart1 I hope you do this for Molly every single year so that one day she can look back at the catalouge of birthdays you have spent your time and love writing up for her!


  • Lucy At Home

    Aaah lovely post! I’m sure you will both love to look back on this one in years to come. It’s so cute that she sings Bohemian Rhapsody – this child has good taste! My daughter has a glittery pink handbag filled with cars and tools! Happy birthday, little one! #triumphanttales

  • Bec Webb

    Aww that is so lovely. I love her sitting there eating her cocopops with her doll eating too! Ha!
    She sounds a right character. Brilliant!

  • Mrs Mummy Harris

    awww this is adorable, it sounds like you have a right little character here!! Here is to many more happy memories together! Happy Birthday little lady.
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week.

  • Tammymum

    This is beautiful, I love posts like these. They are ones that we can keep and show our little ones as they get older and they are a great way for us to remember. I am with you all the way – I would rather they eat something for dinner, whatever that may be than nothing! Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

  • Kelly

    This is so sweet. I love comparing how your daughter is and mine as Georgia is 2, so I can see what’s coming up for her. Such a special way to remember when she’s older. #fortheloveofblog