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7 Ways To Get Everybody Excited for Your Wedding

Your wedding is mainly about you and your other half, but of course you want the people you love to have the best time imaginable, too. If you want them to be as excited as you are for your upcoming nuptials, then read on for 7 ways to get everybody excited for your wedding. 

Help Your Your Guests Where Possible

Start by helping your guests where you can. You probably already have a lot to think about, but going this extra mile for your guests will not go unnoticed. Help them find somewhere nice to stay, help them to book transport, or help them with whatever they need. Appreciate they will usually be coming from far and wide to witness your big day, so at least try to make things as painless for them as possible. 

Give A Hint With Your Invites 

You can give a hint of what is to come on your big day with your wedding invitations from Pure Invitation. The right invites will give guests an idea of what to expect and how dressed up to get, as well as simply remind them that the big day is coming!

Let Them Request A Song

Let your guests request a song for the DJ on their RSVP card. You can hand this to your DJ in advance so they can include as many as possible. Guests will love hearing their songs and it’s a surefire way to get them dancing! 

Don’t Get Caught Up In The Minor Details

Remember, it’s form over content. Napkin color is not as important as choosing a band or choreographing your dance, for example. If you focus too much on the minor details, people will get sick of hearing about your woes before the big day and probably won’t be able to wait for it to be over. Remember what’s truly important. 

Keep Your Cool

Everybody will look forward to celebrating with you when you keep your cool surrounding this day. You don’t want the people you love the most to feel like they are walking on eggshells! 

Enjoy An Incredible Bridal Party

Many couples choose to have a joint party these days as they have mutual friends. Whatever you do, make sure your party beforehand is incredible and a great ‘send off.’ Don’t do it too close to the wedding day, though, as you want to be as fresh as possible. 

Do Everything You Can To Make Your Guests Comfortable 

Have a lounge area where your guests can recuperate after dancing, and provide paracetamol for the next day. You could even provide cheap, spare shoes just in case theirs become uncomfortable. The ladies will appreciate this! You’ll have everybody smiling and dancing into the wee hours if you do your best to make your guests comfortable and catered to. 

Are you ready to get everybody just as excited for your wedding day as you are? How are you going to get started? Leave a comment below – come back soon!

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