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4 Essential Contacts For The Busy Mum’s Address Book

You are not alone. It’s not always an easy thing to believe… but it’s something that every Mum needs to hear. Because parenthood can make you feel very alone, even if you’re living with and have a great relationship with your co-parent. To have a child is to constantly second guess every decision you make, to always wonder if your best is really good enough. To always have the nagging feeling that virtually every other parent you know is doing a better job of raising their kids than you. Mums are wonderfully self-reliant people. They’re can-doers who don’t know the meaning of the word quit. 

Yet, while this attitude is wholly commendable, that doesn’t mean that Mums shouldn’t be able to reach for a helping hand when they need one. When you have the right people in your address book it can go a long way towards mitigating the stress that can inevitably come with parenting, help you to feel prepared for whatever your day throws at you, and manage not just the wellness of your family but your own, too. 

Busy Mums- make sure that you have one of each of these contacts in your address book…

A financial advisor

I know what you’re thinking “Why would I need a financial advisor? I don’t have any money!”. That’s actually exactly why you need a financial advisor. No matter how much (or how little) you have in the bank, your financial advisor can help you to make the most of it. They can advise on choosing the right mortgage product to help you pay it off quicker or leave your family with more disposable income. They can help you choose a savings account that will grow your money (so long as you actually pay into it) and they can even advise on investments to supplement your savings. 

A solicitor 

Nobody thinks that they need a solicitor… until they do. And choosing one at random out of the phonebook as a matter of urgency doesn’t always lead to finding the best one. An experienced firm with a good pedigree like Bannister Preston can be extremely useful to the whole family. They can help with the legal processes behind buying a house. They can help to arrange a will so your children are well provided for when you’re no longer here and if (Heaven forbid) you should find yourself needing a divorce, they can help the family to achieve a fair and just resolution. 

A handy helper

Even in a well cared for and perfectly maintained home, things can go awry from time to time. And while lots of Mums educate themselves on the fine art of DIY (however did we manage without YouTube?), there’s no shame in calling for backup when you feel out of your depth. In fact, calling in a professional may often be prudent. If something goes wrong with your plumbing or electrics, for instance, attempting to make repairs by yourself can result in either major damage to your home or a risk to your personal health… Neither is worth it! 

A handy helper can ensure that when something goes wrong in the home that you can’t fix yourself, that repairs are carried out quickly and affordably. A Jack or Jill of all trades might not be able to fix complicated electrical or plumbing issues but there’s an excellent chance that wherever they can’t carry out a fix, they’ll no somebody who can. And they’ll probably be able to get you “mates rates”, too! 

A dietician

Every human body is different and has subtly different dietary needs. We’re not just talking about those with coeliac or dairy intolerances. All of us process food in slightly different ways and can all benefit from some professional advice on how to get the most out of our bodies and minds (they’re all related, after all).

Many parents want dietary advice for their kids to make sure that they’re giving them all the nutrients they need to grow up healthy and strong. And even if your kids are getting a lot of exercise, even efficient juvenile metabolisms can’t out exercise a bad diet. Sadly, fewer parents give as much care and attention to how they’re fuelling their own bodies. 

A dietician will take the time to understand your body, your blood type and your lifestyle before letting you know which specific nutrients you need more of and how to get more of them into your diet with sensible meal planning.

These 4 essential contacts can make a busy Mum’s life easier, wealthier and more stress-free.

*Collaborative post