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3 Ways to Increase Productivity in Your Home Office

Needless to say, we’re living in uncertain times. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost everyone’s lives in some way. For many, that means working remotely. For the first time, home offices are now a necessity

While some people will (and have) adapted quickly to working from home, it’s not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. Studies have shown that people who work from home can actually end up being more productive than those who work in a traditional office setting. 

But, it isn’t always easy. 

Home is a comfort zone. It’s full of distractions. Plus, working from home makes it far too easy to develop your own schedule, which isn’t always healthy or productive. 

So, what can you do to increase productivity in your home office and make the most of these challenging times? 

1. Have a Designated Office Space

Far too often, people who work from home find themselves setting up shop at the dining room table, in their bedrooms, or even on the sofa in the living room. Unfortunately, that’s a recipe for disaster when it comes to productivity. 

If you live in a small space, you don’t necessarily have to take up a whole room to convert it into an office. But, having even a designated corner of a room can make a difference. When you have a space specifically dedicated to work, going to that space will put you in the mindset of getting things done and avoiding other distractions throughout your home. 

2. Set “Office Hours” 

In addition to having the right kind of space, you also need to make sure you’re working at the same time each day. When you work remotely, you might be tempted to sleep in each day, start work late, and find yourself working well into the night. 

Unfortunately, working that way will not only hinder your productivity but it can create an unhealthy work-life balance. When you’re working late at night, you’re not able to spend time with family or friends, or do the things you enjoy. 

If you worked in a traditional office setting before, a good rule of thumb is to work the same hours. Make sure the other people in your house know that during those hours of the day, you can’t be disturbed. 

3. Take Breaks

Taking a break might seem counterproductive to productivity, but it’s actually necessary. 

If you’re staring at a computer all day, it’s very easy to get bored or distracted. After a while, you mind will start to lose focus, and you might start looking at other things like social media, messages on your phone, etc. 

Once an hour, commit to taking a short break. Even if it’s nothing more than standing up and stretching, it can get your blood pumping again and help you to harness your focus. A few longer breaks throughout the day that allow you to get outside or spend a bit of time exercising will also give you an energy boost and improve your concentration. 

Since working from home has become the norm for many people, knowing how to stay productive and limit distractions is important. Keep these tips in mind to boost your productivity while remaining safe and comfortable at home. 

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