3 Tips On Choosing A Pre-school That Works For You
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3 Tips On Choosing A Pre-school That Works For You

No matter what your circumstances are, Preschool for your unique, excitable toddler has enormous benefits for their development and will help prepare them for the challenges Primary school brings. Alongside the importance of your child’s development is what this all means for you, such as your feelings and aspirations that you want to pursue. So here are a few points to think about before booking your child’s preschool place, to make sure you are getting the most out of there pre-school days.

Happy And Safe

A toddler who quickly settles into pre-school class, in turn, means happy and content parents who feel confident in leaving their children to get on with their other responsibilities. Which is why initially it helps to visit a few pre-schools and gauge how your toddler interacts and behaves at each school. Different pre-schools have different Ofsted ratings to mark their performance. You can easily search the Ofsted reports online to view a description of how the facilities, pre-school teachers and curriculum will meet your child’s needs. For example, if it’s essential for you that your toddler has time to exercise their creative side, search for pre-schools such as Nursery Wandsworth that encourage a high involvement in all things artistic. Finding the right preschool for your children means peace of mind for the parents enabling you to focus on other tasks at home and/or at work.


It’s essential to be practical about the pre-school you choose for your children and how this will fit in with your current daily life. With your interests in mind, the aim is to ensure the pre-school you choose is within a reasonable distance of where your home/work/relatives houses are to make it easier for drop-offs and pickups. Not only this, but less travelling time means keeping your budget trim and less strain to support the cost of transporting children to preschool, not to mention you can also save a piece of your sanity with less time having to listen to wheels on the bus on repeat on your children’s journey to preschool.

So, if you want to save some time, money and sanity opt for a pre-school that’s closer to where you live. A large benefit of this being, if one of your kids has had an accident, you’re only a short distance away.

Available Schedule

An advantage of surveying your children’s pre-school options as soon as possible is that you will have a window of opportunity to take a look at the time slots available before they are gradually booked up.

For government-funded places, such as the 15 and 30-hour free childcare system incorporated by the government, some nurseries have limited and specific time slots per week. The key here is to book in advance and find the pre-school with the time slots to suit your needs and prevent putting a strain on your current schedule. Whether this is so that you have enough time to get to and from work before pick up, tend to your hobby, look after your growing business, or your other commitments, don’t delay finding the right preschool schedule for you.

Using the pointers above, research local preschools in advance, book numerous visits and question the scheduling and fees to provide you with a palette of options to choose from. Searching in advance will prevent you from struggling to find a placement last minute and shall prevent your needs being pushed to the back of the priority list.

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