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3 Simple Ways To Help Your Kids With School

It can be tough when you see your little darling struggling at school. Not everyone is born with a natural aptitude for all things academic. As a supportive parent, you want to be there when your kids are finding things tough, but you don’t want them to feel ashamed or worried if they can’t complete school work. It’s a fine balance between being pushy and supportive and you never want to cross the line. Make sure you follow these three simple steps to ensure that your little cherub doesn’t grow up hating school.

Get Extra Help

Approach your child gently and have a conversation about the sorts of things that they are finding difficult. It could be a particular subject like maths, or it could be a specific teacher, or it might be the fact that they simply don’t like a topic. Don’t have a judgemental tone and never tell them that they should be doing better or trying harder. The chances are that they are trying as hard as they can but they simply don’t get the concepts that their peers are. This can have a real impact on their self esteem and you don’t want their lack of confidence with a subject to translate into poor behaviour. 

Consider getting in touch with a company like Immerse Education who can help teenagers over the summer with enrichment classes. These are engaging and exciting so won’t feel like extra homework. Alternatively, you could try a one to one tutor outside at home to combat your child’s lack of understanding with a certain topic.

Be Approachable

Sometimes, your child might simply need a listening ear. It’s vital that you remain approachable and that you listen to your offspring’s frustrations. Encourage them without judging them. Fill them with confidence and talk about their strengths rather than their weaknesses. While they might not understand complex sentences, are they great at football, learning dates or memorising capital cities? Pick a strength and discuss it with them.

Engage Them With Other Things

So, your child might not have an aptitude for maths. Some kids just take longer before concepts finally click. Don’t get too hung up about it otherwise your child will too. Engage them with other extracurricular activities, and make it clear to them that you don’t see their academic achievement as the be all and end all of their existence. If they love drama, send them to a weekend class. If they want to have a go at a martial art, get them a judo taster session. And, if they are desperate to have a go at dance or learning the piano, encourage them and empower them to do this. This will give them an outlet to improve their confidence and forget about their academic woes.

Being academic isn’t everything. There are plenty of people who are successful without knowing their times tables. Support your child and recognise their strengths throughout their childhood while you always have their very best interests at heart.

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