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3 Common Childhood Illnesses and How to Deal With Them

Kids tend to be pretty resilient. Most have healthy immune systems and plenty of energy and strength. But that’s not to say they’re invincible. There are a number of common, mild childhood illnesses that most kids are likely to experience at some point or another. It’s generally best to be aware of these before they strike and to have a vague idea of what you need to do to care for your child until the illness is resolved and passes. Here’s a little more information on three of the most common childhood conditions to get you started!

Common Cold

We’ve all dealt with the common cold ourselves at some point. This is something that hits most of us at some point throughout the year. Of course, a cold may be unpleasant, but as an adult, you know what to do and have a higher tolerance to discomfort. When your little one gets a cold, chances are it will pass pretty quickly, but you’ll need to take on responsibility for ensuring that they’re as comfortable as possible until it does fade away. Symptoms of the common cold include runny nose, sneezing, a cough, a sore throat and congestion. If you’re really concerned, or if symptoms persist for more than ten days, contact your doctor. But generally speaking, colds can be dealt with with a combination of over the counter medicine (which can be recommended by a pharmacist), good healthy meals, staying hydrated and getting plenty of rest.

Constipation or Diarrhoea

Constipation is relatively common in children. Generally speaking, if your child hasn’t produced faeces at least three times a week, they may be constipated. Generally causes of constipation include not getting enough fibre in their diet, not drinking enough fluids, feeling pressured or interrupted while using the toilet or feeling worried or anxious. Generally speaking, these issues are all relatively straightforward to resolve and in the meantime you can use stool softener for kids. Diarrhoea is also common in children. Generally, diarrhoea is caused by food poisoning, a stomach bug or norovirus. Visit a pharmacist who will be able to help and may provide rehydration sachets to help your little one stay hydrated until the illness passes.


Chickenpox is another common childhood illness. Most children will get chickenpox before adulthood. It’s identified through small, itchy, red spots. These turn into fluid filled blisters and then scab over, eventually dropping off. As chickenpox is contagious, it’s important that you keep your child home when they have the condition. It’s particularly important to keep a child with chickenpox away from pregnant women and newborn babies, as the condition can be dangerous for them. There is no specific cure for chickenpox – it is something that your child’s body will deal with – but you can increase comfort with calamine lotion that will reduce itching.

Of course, there are other childhood conditions that we could focus on. But these are three of the most common that many parents will help their little ones through at some point or another!

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