10 Tips for Wannabe Bloggers

This time last year I was writing my very first blog post. How has it been a year already? I cannot believe how naively I jumped into blogging. I didn’t have the foggiest what blogging was all about and I hadn’t really read any blogs. And as for social media, well the extent of my knowledge was Facebook. I wasn’t prepared at all for the journey I was about to embark on.  A year later I am loving blogging but I still have a hell of a lot to learn. Here are my 10 tips for wannabe bloggers who are as clueless as I was about jumping into the blogosphere. These are the things I wish I would have known before I started:


  1. Read lots of blogs before starting

Reading blogs will give you an idea of where you want to go with your own blog and maybe help you develop your own writing style.


  1. Learn as much as you can about the different social media platforms

We all know social media can have its downsides (thank God I grew up before everyone had a camera phone!) but social media is also fantastic, especially for bloggers. Learn about each platform so you can utilise it for your blog.

I am still learning as I go with social media. I really struggle with Pinterest for some reason. Maybe laziness on my part? I mostly get the gist of it but I cannot seem to fully get my head around it. I guess this is the reason why I never really pay it any attention. I’ll have to change my approach to Pinterest as soon as.  Pinterest is a fantastic way of driving traffic to your blog though so it is worth focusing on. I could be doing with showing my Instagram some love too.


  1. Design a logo

Mess around with ideas for a logo/header for your blog until you come up with a design you are happy with. Canva is fantastic for this. Or you could pay someone to do it for you. I must have designed (badly) a gazillion different logos over the past year because as soon as I design them I instantly decide I don’t like them. Changing your blog’s image all the time might confuse your readers.

 10 tips for wannabe bloggers


  1. Write write write

Write a batch of blog posts before your blog is live which will keep you going for a while. I didn’t do this and struggled to write even one post a week at times. I would never have envisioned how much work goes into blogging so having a few posts to keep you going from the beginning will really help you out.


  1. What’s your niche?

Will you have a niche or will you blog about whatever you feel like blogging about? Blogging about whatever you want is fun, and more personal. My blog is family and lifestyle oriented but I tend to blog about whatever I like to be honest. It’s my blog after all. Niche blogging can be big business though. People tend to search the internet to have their questions answered so may end up on your niche blog website as a result of their search. If you plan on having a niche try to decide what this will be before your blog goes live, or as soon as possible afterwards.


  1. Get yourself organised

Make yourself a schedule and try to stick with it. Have a plan of when you will write your posts, when you plan to publish these posts, when you will schedule these posts on social media, when you plan to do your blogmin… Being organised will really help you out. I am not organised at all so I need to take my own advice here.

10 tips for wannabe bloggers


  1. Hosted or self-hosted website?

Free hosted websites are fantastic because you can set up your own website really easily and it usually doesn’t cost anything. These websites do come with limitations though. I started my blog on the free hosted WordPress website, which was a great way for me to start my blogging venture, especially as I am a massive technophobe. But, I do wish I had set up a self-hosted website to start with as it would have saved a lot of messing around later on when I decided to make the change. When setting up your website you need to decide on a domain name, choose which blogging platform you will use (e.g. WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr), and then pick and modify a theme until you are happy with it.


  1. Be a joiner

Join in with linkys and join Facebook blogger groups as soon as you can. By joining in with the blogging community you will get to know other bloggers, read some fantastic blog posts, and you can share your own posts too.


  1. Take a break

Seriously! If blogging is getting on top of you then take a break from it. Your blog will still be there tomorrow or in a few days time. I know some people may worry about stats etc. if you take time off but to me, your health is way more important than how many page views you had that particular week. If you do need a break, or are going away and are worried that you won’t have a chance to post you could always host guest posts on your blog. Or if you know you will be away you could always write a batch of posts upfront and schedule these for when you are having your break.


  1. Enjoy it!

You started blogging for you and no one else. Try not to let it all get on top of you. It is your blog to run the way you want so enjoy yourself and don’t spread yourself too thin. Blogging is brilliant and can also be really cathartic. For me, blogging provides the opportunity to get things off your chest. You also get to talk with like-minded people and you have the support of a fantastic community if you ever need any help or advice with anything.


So those were my 10 tips for wannabe bloggers. These are the things I wish I had known before I started blogging. If only I had done a little bit of research or read a few blog posts about blogging before I started then I might not have been in a state of confusion for the past year. I still have a lot to learn (Pinterest, SEO, Newsletters) but I am going to take it in my stride and you never know, maybe this time next year I might not be quite so confused…

What tips would you give to people thinking of starting a blog?


Sam x


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Bringing up Georgia
  1. Donna 18/09/2017 at 07:31

    I can’t believe it’s been a year! I remember when we started, all confused! To be fair I still haven’t got a clue what i’m doing!

    1. stressymama 18/09/2017 at 07:37

      Haha. Me either 🙈

  2. Emma 18/09/2017 at 12:50

    Excellent tips, thanks for sharing! I wrote a similar post recently and couldnt agree more that organisation is key! There is seriously a LOT more work goes into blogging than I first realized! #familyfun

    1. stressymama 22/09/2017 at 22:42

      There really is so much more work than you’d know isn’t there. Thank you for commenting x

  3. Karen two tiny hands 18/09/2017 at 18:45

    Oh yay happy birthday!! I agree with the write write write, I had never really read blogs before starting mine and don’t necessarily think this caused me an issue, I learnt to love it though especially my close blogger and linky friends. The more you write the more you figure out your voice and niche and where you want to go. I was a twitter:Pinterest fiend before I searted blogging, I still can’t get my head round FB 2.5 years in!! Lol. Interesting post to reflect on my own blogging!! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

    1. stressymama 22/09/2017 at 22:43

      Thank you Karen x

  4. Rabbit Ideas 18/09/2017 at 20:12

    Definitely agree with taking a break and enjoying it- there is no point if it makes you stressed out! #familyfunlinky

    1. stressymama 22/09/2017 at 22:44

      The blog will always be there the day after! Thanks for the comment x

  5. Jessica - A Modern Mom's Life 19/09/2017 at 01:53

    These are great tips! I’ve been going over a year but some of these tips are still relevant for me. I also struggle with Pinterest, but I do see results when I spend more time on pinable images and pinning other content!

    1. stressymama 22/09/2017 at 22:44

      I really do need to try and get my head around Pinterest. Maybe one of these days I will.. haha. x

  6. Maria | passion fruit, paws and peonies 19/09/2017 at 08:13

    I wish I did even half these things when I started blogging! I think I jumped in, much as you did and have had one giant learning curve. Great tips x #TriumphantTales

  7. Ellen 19/09/2017 at 09:11

    Great tips. I certainly agree with them all.

    Ellen x

  8. Michelle Kellogg 19/09/2017 at 13:30

    These are all really great tips! I should have read a lot more blogs before I started two years ago but I didn’t. I also should have done a lot more research than I did but I’m also glad I did it. I am also not on the Pinterest train. I, too, get the gist but can’t seem to fully grasp it for some reason. Pinterest is a mystery to me that I do intend to learn more about in the coming months. Love the tips! #FamilyFunLink

  9. Marissa 19/09/2017 at 14:18

    These are great tips! And to realize it doesn’t happen overnight… but once you start rolling it only gets better!

  10. Mummy2twindividuals 19/09/2017 at 15:46

    It so true that when you start you just have no idea. I’m nine months in and although I’ve learnt lots it still feels the tip of the iceberg. #triumphanttales

  11. Mama Grace 19/09/2017 at 19:02

    Good tips. I’m on WordPress but paid the smallest fee so I didn’t have to have WordPress in my website name. Is this self hosted? #TriumphantTales

  12. Ali Duke 19/09/2017 at 20:34

    Being organised is a must! I am not the best at this, I am sure my blog would be bigger if I was more organised!

    1. stressymama 22/09/2017 at 22:59

      Same with me. And I really need to make more of an effort I think.. haha x

  13. Noleen Miller 20/09/2017 at 08:33

    I’ve been blogging for 5 months now so still learning as I go along. Great tips.#TwinklyTuesday

  14. Celine Bell, Bell from Bow 20/09/2017 at 14:09

    Great tips – and glad to see I’ve nailed some of them already. #TriumphantTales

  15. Jeremy@ThirstyDaddy 20/09/2017 at 14:51

    I’d tell people to be prepared for blogging to be much more time consuming than they could possibly realize. I also wish i’d put more thought into my name, something that I’ve heard other bloggers talk about also. #triumphanttales

    1. stressymama 22/09/2017 at 23:01

      Yes, I definitely agree with you with the name thing. My name is very similar to another much bigger blogger so I really should have looked into it more beforehand. x

  16. Kirsty - Winnettes 20/09/2017 at 16:08

    I think the take a break tip is the most important piece of advice. It can often all seem too much but there is nothing like a little distance to make things seem more manageable.

  17. Alana - Burnished Chaos 21/09/2017 at 21:43

    Great tips, I wish I’d known a few of these before I started. Happy blogoversary and thank you for linking with #FamilyFunLinky

  18. stressymama 22/09/2017 at 23:02

    Thank you Alana x

  19. Jaki 23/09/2017 at 13:51

    These are great tips! I so didn’t know what I was doing when I first started, it’s good that there are posts like these around now to help newbies! Thanks for joining in at #TriumphantTales!

  20. Susie at This is me now 24/09/2017 at 19:23

    Yep I agree with a lot of this. I never had a lot of posts written before though and wish some weeks I have a few spare still to back up when I’m busy or ill or something. Good advice! #FamilyFunLinky

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