​Woe is Me – Woe is my Wisdom Tooth

Argh! ​Woe is Me – Woe is my Wisdom Tooth.  How can one tiny tooth cause so much pain? Sorry in advance as this post is basically me having a right old moan about my wisdom tooth.

Before having problems with my wisdom tooth, I honestly wouldn’t have believed how much pain they can cause.

Whoever came up with the name ‘wisdom’ in reference to these teeth that randomly turn up causing nothing but pain and havoc in our lives was not, in my opinion, a very wise person. Yes we may be older and wiser, so to speak, when these teeth appear, but come on.. the name wisdom teeth is just ridiculous! They serve no purpose whatsoever; only causing us pain and leaving behind a hefty bill for treatment, painkillers and antibiotics.

To be fair, I’ve had this wisdom tooth coming in for a few months, but I haven’t had any problems with it, until a couple of weeks ago when my jaw started aching a little bit. A few days later it started hurting around the tooth. I kept putting it off, but I eventually thought I had better ring the dentist. They booked me in for an emergency appointment but I had to wait a couple of days.

Thank God I rang the dentist when I did!

The pain worsened. It worsened a hell of a lot! It was awful. I was even struggling to open my mouth.

When the day of my appointment arrived I could only open my mouth about half way.  The dentist confirmed it was a wisdom tooth causing my pain, along with a nasty infection. He gave me a prescription for antibiotics and sent me to the hospital for an x-ray to check the positioning of the tooth.

The day after my dental appointment I felt like crying from the pain. I had to wait another few days before I was back at the dentist too. By this point I couldn’t open my mouth at all.  I’m sure Chris wasn’t bothered by my lack of speaking!

It felt like my jaw had been wired shut. No matter how much I tried, it just wouldn’t budge. If I wanted to eat anything I had to push the food into my mouth with my finger. I couldn’t even eat soup because it ended up just dripping down my chin.  Paracetamol wasn’t working at all, and the antibiotics were making me physically sick.

The pain this one tooth was causing me was horrendous!

And my God, did I look a state. At one point I was sat on my bathroom floor crying from pain, whilst being sick, with my toddler sat on my knee. How attractive I must have looked!

A week to the day of my first dental appointment I was back to see what the x-ray had shown.  My dentist thought it best he take the tooth out so he gave me a local anaesthetic and started poking around. I was aware of a lot of pulling and yanking going on, but the tooth was out before I knew it.

The day after the extraction,  I had massive swelling and bruising on my cheek, making venturing out of the house interesting . Thanks Mr dentist man for that! I’ve had to go to places like my evening course, my daughters nursery and Tesco with this massive golf ball sized lump on my face. Yes, I may have looked like a battered, bruised, rabid hamster, but move along folks, nothing to see here!

Anyway, I have definitely learned my lesson to not ignore any more wisdom teeth I may get…

Hopefully that will be it now though…

Thanks for reading, Sam x

The Pramshed

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  1. Oh bless you! This sounds horrific! I’ve had three come through and two removed but none caused me as much pain as you have been through. Hope you feel back to normal soon. I found the hole difficult to get used to until the skin healed over. Used to get food stuck in it bleugh! 🙂 x

    1. Thank you. I think it was so bad because it became infected but it seems to be ok now. My jaw still aches a little bit and my bruise is still there but all is good now really. I have got a bit of a flap of skin where the tooth was and food keep going in that haha. Thanks for the comment x

  2. Ouch, you poor thing. I’ve never had mine taken out. You’re so right to question why it’s called a “wisdom” tooth!!???!! More like “painful” tooth from what everyone tells me. Hope you’ve recovered OK x #fortheloveofBLOG

    1. Hi. I’ve recovered fine thank you. A week later and the swelling has just about gone. It should definitely be called painful tooth. X