Gratitude Post #6 – Thank you June

Gratitude Post #6 - Thank you June

Gratitude Post #6 – Thank you June is the sixth instalment of my gratitude series. If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I have had a difficult couple of months. I have had the soul crushing experience of an ectopic pregnancy. It has left my heart shredded. If it wasn’t for […]

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Crafty Christmas – Handmade Gift Ideas

I love Christmas, crafting, anything homemade, and blogging so inevitably, I have written a blog post about homemade Crafty Christmas ideas. I love so many different crafts but I am most definitely a master of none of them. I still love having a go though, especially crafts I can attempt with my daughter, Molly. These are some of the festive themed […]

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Handprint and Footprint Christmas Cards

Every year I spend a small fortune on Christmas Cards for friends, family and neighbours. As if Christmas isn’t expensive enough without the additional expense of Christmas cards. Why should we spend all that money (enough for another gift for someone) on Christmas cards that will be chucked in the recycling bin before you can even say […]

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