Gratitude Series

I think it is really important to be grateful and appreciative of all the little things we experience. Life can be tough sometimes and things can get on top of us. I believe that there is a positive to be found in every situation. We may have to really look for the positives sometimes but if you look hard enough, and are willing, you can surely find a positive.

I have started a monthly series of gratitude posts to remind myself of all the amazing things I have experienced each month. The hope is that if I am ever feeling down, I can look back over the post I have written and remind myself of the amazing things I have experienced.

Gratitude Post #7 – Thank you July

Gratitude Post #6 – Thank you June

Gratitude Post #5 – Thank You May

Gratitude Post #4 – Thank You April

Gratitude Post #3 – Thank you March

Gratitude Post #2 – Thank You February